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03.17.2014 , 04:34 PM | #23
You might consider asking for some rotation advice and whatnot in the consular or sage forums. However, if you simply do not enjoy the sage mechanics I imagine that's definitely putting a damper on the whole consular experience for you. Single player games like KOTOR and KOTOR II don't really need to be strictly balanced, but in an MMO the same old "I can heal and melt faces" thing doesn't work, what with it essentially being unfair to other classes and all. I loved consular gameplay in the old kotor games, but it's definitely a different experience in TOR, where it's a standard MMO mage or healer class.

I find it easy to solo as a sage, whether I'm specced for healing or damage. Perhaps you're not properly utilizing your abilities to their fullest? Definitely check out the consular/sage forums or google a sage/sorcerer gameplay guide. At the end of the day not everyone likes the standard MMO caster role, though, so if you just can't get into it maybe shadow would be more up your alley? It's hard to enjoy the story if you can't get into the character and don't enjoy playing it.