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That's not my experience. I don't really count the easy mobs/class stories (though we do visit), we just split and wipe out for legacy counts.

But once I encounter the harder characters, the damage the spells do is in the 200-500 range (when the Knight or a shooter dishes 800+). On a lightsaber stroke, the damage is barely 200. I am fairly over-leveled (start a planet a 2-4 levels higher than the opening range), but for example, Tharan and my Consular had to just hang in there for a while, not being able to dish out enough damage to a pair of Sandpeople one of which was healing another (a complete impasse, Tharan and Consular were doing exactly the same) until my husband's Knight and Kira were done slicing. Then they came over, and killed the Sandpeople in two strokes of a lightsaber. Obi Wan didn't shy away from the saber, if I recall

By whatever reason, even wearing the same gear, my husband's Knight always had much higher defense rating than Qyzen, probably game mechanics. That's same thing is true for other heavy armor characters, actually.

I do prefer Tharan and Holiday, because it allows us to deal with one enemy at a time, not to mention the looks and the personality appeal & they definitely fit better with out party configuration, each fighter gets a healer and a buffer.

That's said, my husband's Knight and Kira die without our backup. Heroic 2+ are easy (well, when overlevelled, yes), but Heroic 4+ are undoable for us 9we've just tried one on Tatooine BS before leaving for Alderaan, and it was a no-go, despite us being good 5 levels over the announced rating. Dunno how people do it). We also couldn't win a flashpoint (but that's partially graphics). We do not chase down the expensive gear, crafting and exchanging commendations for blue mods, and filling the rest of them with green mods, I am sure that would help and all, but well, we are not that invested.