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.It could be that the game play is not particularly engaging so far, mostly watching three other character health bars for rotating Force Armor and Deliverance with an odd sequence of project/WM/FS/TT thrown in, and rarely having a chance to even take the Lightsabre out... and the spell damage is almost inconsequential (and yes, I understand why). I have just gotten a couple of slightly heavier spells, but don't think they are anything special.
I'm sorry, what? As a healer Sage, I can kill pretty much any enemy with Disturbance > Throw > Project > Mind Crush > Heal Qyzen > Disturbance, and that's a strong or elite enemy. A regular enemy I can kill with Disturbance > Throw and occasionally add in a Project, and a weak usually dies with one Disturbance, or at least the Throw that follows it.