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03.17.2014 , 10:55 AM | #6
When you consider that the original budget was estimated at $200m, how much do you think of that was for generating the story content? I am going to say that even if you underestimate at $15m ( I would go closer to $80-100m), then EA can never make enough money to do it again. Even if they were only to add 1/5 of the extra content that is still coming in at $3m-$15m they need to find.

I am not sure what the current subscriber base is but I believe someone claimed 200-300k? So you are looking at needing to get an extra guaranteed $6-8 per month for a year, or everyone to pay a one off upgrade of say $30. It is just too risky, and no chance if it is an optional cost or add-on as not everyone would pay. I think the only way it could happen is if they make it somehow non-optional, which would get the people screaming here about cash grab, etc, etc, what do I pay my subs for.... etc, etc