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Esseles was the only Flashpoint we managed to play. I am afraid I was too busy not dying there (NOT AGAIN!) to appreciate the voice acting. Maybe I just don't like the high voice, I am not sure. I am glad you folks are enjoying it. I can't say I noticed sophistication in her responses. Even as opposite to cleverness. Be that as it may, out of 4 characters I have played any length so far, I've liked the Consular the least. I do play LG, very rarely making DS choices.

It was interesting to see how Masters change before and after healing, but the character herself... I don't know.

It could be a function of only seeing half of her content due to perma-grouping. It could be that the game play is not particularly engaging so far, mostly watching three other character health bars for rotating Force Armor and Deliverance with an odd sequence of project/WM/FS/TT thrown in, and rarely having a chance to even take the Lightsabre out... and the spell damage is almost inconsequential (and yes, I understand why). I have just gotten a couple of slightly heavier spells, but don't think they are anything special.

Fresh after KOTOR 2 run (I have been on a gaming hiatus since ~ 2007) I couldn't wait to play a Jedi again (and I played a Consular, and yes, the Exile healed AND did enough damage), but I am much more enjoying the shooters in this game, particular the Smuggler (her animations are very entertaining) and it seems like a great deal went into making Sith appealing as well (holy cow, SW is flashy). I wish we could at least have something like the antagonist in the last KOTOR 2 battle, animating and throwing multiple LS. There is no shortage of those in the game...

One more thing - the story so far did not supply me with any NPC provoking a strong emotional response. In other stories, I have seen characters I either cared for or hated, but in Consular, none so far. Vivicar remained behind the scene, so he is not as much in your face as Skavak or Barras. Yuon had very brief presence, unlike the other first bosses (I loved how SW solves the First Boss quest, for example). I might have cared for Atros, but he disappeared fast.

Funnily, so far Holiday was the most interesting and human aspect of the story, but I gather she is not going to have any cool backstory & I am not allowed to talk to her w/o Tharan. They are the saving grace in Chapter 1 for me. I've got nearly interested in the Taooine lag of the story, but it got cut short. I have high hopes for Alderaan. Alderaan has to be interesting with the diplomacy story arc. Fingers crossed!