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12.24.2011 , 09:15 PM | #18
The reason Blizzard is making wow easier and more accessible is because it gets them MORE players.. Its a simple fact that most of the playerbase is casual players, they dont want to craft, they dont want to have to learn how to play. They want to log on to the game for an hour every other day and have all the perks that the hardcore player who invest 6+ hours a day into the game.

And since other companies are companies that wants to earn money, they too go for that model, its the most profitable and gets you most players. I cant blame them for that, but I wish it werent so.

CCP was/is about to take that path with Eve (which is considered a really hardcore sandbox game), introduce avatars and get more casual players = profit. But the players revolted and now they seem to be back on track. Altough I think this is an exception..

About the crafting, I loved the crafting system in SWG, I think it was the best system right after EVE. Its the same here, everyone wants everything and because of that, crafting has to be simple and everyone has to be able to do it. But it cant be that players have to craft to get the best items, that would be too much to do for them, rather have the best gear from easy quests/dailies..

I like the idea of having to raid (or something else thats not too easy) to get the best schematics, everyone cant just have them, then they wont be worth anything..