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03.17.2014 , 03:00 AM | #17
I love the jedi consular. I'm playing through it for the THIRD TIME!

Most people I've talked to who dislike it tend to dislike the overall lack of polish to the consular story. It's undeniable. Try playing a dark side consular and you'll see what I mean. The continuity errors are egregious. There really isn't much flexibility, you're pigeonholed into being a good guy despite your best efforts to the contrary. Play the class "as intended" and it's a great story. Try to deviate significantly (which I have tried) and it's no surprise why some people walk away from the Consular story feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

The voice acting in general, male or female, of any class is underwhelming and unimpressive when the story starts. The actors, I presume, were getting a "feel" for their respective characters. But bland and emotionless? Absolutely not, at least not the female voice. I personally love the female voice acting, I love Qyzen (one of my favorite companions game-wide, up there with Vette), I love the downplayed behind-the-scenes heroics.