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But the dark side is not more powerful so it is kinda pointless...
To the logical, rational mind perhaps. To the seeker of instant gratification the Dark Side makes perfect sense.

Gameplay wise, I like to RP my characters to a very minor degree, in that I make my choices based on what THEY would do in that situation. It makes the story more engaging and compelling.

Objectively I view light side and dark side as two extremes of the same spectrum. Those on either extreme seem foolish and short-sighted to me. To over-simplify, the "dark side" seems to be a more impulsive, self-serving, thoughtless approach to the Force. Some dark side choices--like one on Coruscant involving a senator and some stolen data--feel like they should be light side since they serve a greater good, but in reality only serve the whims of the character, some chick you just met, and a knee-jerk "I disagree with you so I'll undermine every core value upon which the Republic stands to stop you" reaction.

Light side and Dark side are more than just meditation or kicking puppies. It's whether you prioritize the greater good for all or the greater good for yourself. It's a matter of how much control you have over your impulses, how much forethought you possess, and how well you empathize with and care about the LONG TERM welfare of those around you. Followers of the dark side boast that they are strong, that they are free. In reality, they are slaves to their emotions. The Light side boasts of clarity and reason. In reality they are crippled by their irrational fear of emotion.

People in the Star Wars universe subscribe to either belief (or some combination thereof) because they are just that--people. Individuals whose core values and perception of the world around them drive them to either the Light side or the Dark side--a path of methodical restraint and rationality or a path of reckless abandon and instant gratification.

Personally, I view the Force as something benign, a tool, requiring certainly a high degree of self control and restraint lest one go over the deep end, but light side and dark side should be viewed as fringe extremists, both missing half of the bigger picture.