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Restrictions everywhere, raiding to get crafting materials is so 2005..
Yep, this. I think I'm going Bio. Which sucks, because I put a lot of money into the skills I have now. but sad fact is, Bio is the only crafting profession that I know of that makes a consumable resource.

It would be different if the crafting could produce items you could NOT find in Raids (Gee bioware, what happened to choice? I thought you said people didn't have to do anything they didn't want to and still be viable in the game.... Not so much eh?)

or DIFFERENT items from raid gear. But sad fact is, crafting is a joke. Hell if it were easier to farm commendations I would just do that and get all my gear from the commendation vendors.
Dear Bioware, my Birthday is in March > I'd like to see Purple, Gold, and Teal crystals obtainable by all players and the four major play styles by then. The four major play styles are CRAFTING, SOLO, RAID, and PVP.