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03.16.2014 , 07:36 PM | #9
Kel is awesome! But one should really be more, hm..., covert? about this sort of thing. Kinda stupid of him to announce it out loud. He should've worked like a true Sith would-through defiling of generations of Sith. Instead of "hello mr.Emperor! Your dogma sucks! Bye!"

I tend to agree with him: Jedi essence + Sith essence = essence of wtfpWnroxxorz bbq hax. Idk what's so hard to understand(I mean Revan...).

I still think(even after both Revan and Vader) that the true Sith power is yet untaped. And in order to tap it, well, they'll have to use the Light side. Or at least understand it instead of ignoring it. "The best way to defeat an Enemy is to turn him against himself(this assumes the understanding of one's enemy at the intermediate level at least)" right?

Edit: Both of those are examples of Jedi power actually.