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03.16.2014 , 08:34 AM | #40
I wanted to say thank you for the Double XP periods, I always appreciate them. However, after reading some of the other(legitimate, trolls ignored) posts, and with my own desires in mind, I was wondering if it may ever be possible to see Double XP weeks? The things that could improve the way Double XP is implemented currently I think all revolve around schedules of individuals. I understand it will never be truly "fair" no matter how you do it, but running seven straight days, 168 hours, would make sure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, whether they work nights, weekends, or what time zone they live in.

If it isn't possible, I understand, and am quite thankful for what I do get, but I can personally say it's always disheartening to want to play during the Double XP weekend and not being able to. In my case I work nights and every weekend, so I only get two practical "evenings"(relative to my schedule) to enjoy it, despite being in the CST time zone.