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03.16.2014 , 06:33 AM | #2
I wouldn't say you're necessarily 'Thinking like a girl' but more likely to be buying into the preconceived stereotype that society places on women.

For a guy it's usually enough to just turn up clean and washed (okay this is a stretch for a lot of gamers I've known ), t-shirt, jeans and trainers is an acceptable casual wardrobe, a single suit for funerals/weddings/ job interviews completes the wardrobe. Maybe 1 or 2 coats and that's it.

For a woman a whole industry is built on the need for them to dress differently at every opportune moment. And if they don't their own sister hood can turn on them saying things like... 'Doesn't really try hard enough', 'Let herself go', 'She'll never get a man looking like that'.... it's like a feeding frenzy in a shark pool

And then there's always the true element that for the majority males are more stimulated by visual elements (hairstyle, body shape, clothing (or lack of) ) while the majority of females are stimulated by emotional elements (verbal communication, cleanliness, kindness).

For a guy playing a computer game with dress up elements I'm not surprised more effort is spent enhancing the wardrobe of the female eye-candy, while the male toons can just make do with whatever.