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Each of my characters has a unique backstory, but I think the most interesting is that of one of my alts, Aphanes, a Female Sith Pureblood Agent.
Aphanes was raised by Sith parents on Dromund Kaas, but unlike most Sith Purebloods (including her parents), she was not force sensitive. Because of this, her parents abused her, trying to invoke enough fear and anger into her to make force powers manifest, but nothing worked. Her parents even encouraged her younger sister (who was quite proficient with the force) to torture her.Finally at age 12, after a particularly brutal beating due to Aphanes not being accepted into the Sith Academy, Aphanes ran away. She moved into the cave by the waterfall (where the republic troops are in-game) and taught herself to hunt and to survive, all the while, nursing her hatred of her family and the Sith in general. 3 years later, on the eve of when her sister would be shipped off to the academy, Aphanes slipped back into the city, broke into her parents home, and poisoned all the food and liquids with venom from a plant she had found in the jungle. Then she returned to the jungle, always keeping on the move so that no one investigating her family's deaths would find her. However, she wasn't quite good enough, and two years later, she was found by an intelligence agent, However, instead of incarcerating or executing her, the agent was so impressed by her survival skills and her ability to get away with killing three Sith, that he offered her a job. She was taken to Intelligence and trained as an agent. After this, we get to the actual game play, which I count as being part of her story.