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My Sith characters are very much gray sided yes. Warrior is concerned mostly about himself and how people perceive him(is very much weak to titles), but he won't kill randomly. Nor wantonly. Nor usually lol. My Inq otoh is obsessed with the force and the history. He isn't actually a slave. He boarded the slave ship and tampered the minds so he could get to Korriban. But he doesn't really care for either the Sith or the Jedi. He did what he did because it was easier than to enroll to Tython academy + he calls Jedi "Stones"(the reference to their charisma/emotional status). Make of that what you will.

Edit: Why shouldn't Sith be able to do a good deed? If the Dark Jedi can flay a person alive while showing no emotion(quite psychopathic), why shouldn't Light Sith be Martyrs or whatever of the Empire?