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I definitely don't list them all, as I mentioned that could take an awfully long time and I don't specialize more in one ship than the others. I gave an alternative build at the start of the Sting/Flashfire section, but it certainly doesn't encompass all possible specs. This is where I could use additional help from savvy T2 scouts like yourself! Ramalina's contribution with strike fighter builds definitely helps add variety to the thread and gives readers more options and logic. I think I'll link builds here in the appropriate sections.
I don't think of my Flashfire as having any one build; rather, it has a whole bunch of components that can be used with various levels of synergy for various purposes.

Burst cannons, clusters, and retro thrusters are all great to have around a satellite or asteroid. If you have retro, you don't have the mobility boost of barrel roll, so you should probably have booster recharge... unless you're planning to just go to B and defend it for the entire match, in which case you can take an offensive CD instead.

Quads and pods combined give pretty good burst, and an offensive cooldown or two makes the build pretty scary good at doing big damage from decent range while maintaining a lot of mobility.

I honestly don't think any scout should be running without at least one mobility button, and on a T2 scout, you're looking at barrel roll and booster recharge as your major options. Quick-charge shields can help here, but I feel like they're a tier below where they should be (and the decreased bulk hurts).

Sab probe is questionable, and IMO works better on T1 scouts because of EMP field, but T2 scouts can still use it effectively with lights (highest DPS laser while you have a bead on the target). Again, you need to choose between retro + BR (for locks and general mobility) and barrel roll + TT/BO (for more damage in between locks and the ability to exit bad situations, but at the cost of fewer locks and less mobility overall).

Directional shields, quick-charge shields, and distortion field all have their strengths and weaknesses. I tend to favor distortion field even though it decreases my bulkiness because the lock break lets me win head to heads, among other things. I don't know many pilots that run the other two on their scouts, but they're theoretically viable, if nothing else. It's worth noting that both of them have synergy with your reactor that distortion field doesn't.

Lightweight armor is the obvious choice, as you say. Percentage increases to not a lot will not give you a lot.

Frequency capacitor is more DPS and better burst DPS (if you do 1000 damage per shot and the target has 2500 health remaining, frequency is going to decrease the time to get that third shot off and damage is going to do... nothing), but damage capacitor is better when the target is taking advantage of LoS or zooming past you. I've gotten some pretty sweet 1.4k crits on someone who thought he could boost past me and be safe. (Spoiler: he wasn't.) Between its advantages with small firing opportunities and the lack of increased power draw, I give a slight edge to damage capacitor.

Edit: Since the devs have confirmed that damage scales linearly with range, the range capacitor will a slight damage increase while also allowing you to deal with seeker mines and targets at the very edge of your range.

I think turning thrusters are completely viable if you want to sneak around obstructions. I do so a lot (mostly to break missile locks), so I use them over regen thrusters. Besides, with boost recharger, it's rare that I'm out of engine power (I actually run +20% turning rate because of this). I'd definitely take regen thrusters on a barrel roll build, though.

I agree that large reactor is the best general purpose reactor because it increases your bulk and decreases your vulnerability to burst damage. That said, directional shields with turbo reactor all but eliminates the wait for shields to begin regenning, and quick-charge shields with +60% constant regen combines well with regen reactor for constant regen (though there's a period of time from 1.7 to 4.8 seconds after you're hit where turbo reactor will outperform regen reactor -- which can be very useful when circling satellites). Again, though, both of these are long-term solutions; RNG evasion from distortion field can save your life against a series of shots that would otherwise kill you in a second or so. (Or you could go with directional shields and large reactor to throw up a wall between you and that gunship.)
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