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03.15.2014 , 12:23 PM | #36
Without a doubt, I'd have to be a Jedi since being able to use the Force would be too cool to pass up, but I couldn't follow their behavioral code. Of course, I couldn't be a Sith either because those guys are just a-holes. My wife tells me I have the "soul of a hippy, heart of a Republican," in that I'm very soft hearted and liberal on some issues but very cold hearted and ruthless on others. I'd have a lot of problems with both sides, though, in that the Jedi were way too pretentious, took themselves way too damn seriously, and never got laid. Really? I definitely couldn't go for that.

Of course, the Sith were just straight up a-holes, and I don't think I'd be able to deal with the killing little kids, even if they were Jedi trainees.

So probably a Jolee Bindo kind of "failed" Jedi, but with a Han Solo-ish personality. Or, if you've seen Robot Chicken Star Wars, definitely a George Bush type of Jedi:

Aide: "Mr. President, we still haven't found any weapons of mass destruction."
Me: waves hand, "You have found weapons of mass destruction."
Aide: "Uh, hi. We haven't."
Me: waves hand, "You have."
Aide: "Uh. I don't know what you're doing."
Me: waves hand, "Bring me a taco."
Aide: "Yes sir!"
Me: "he he he, tacos rule!"
...and I'm back. For the third time. Maybe the fourth. I've lost count. Leveling yet another Sentinel/Maruader, and I'll likely figure out what I'm doing in about a month or so, right before I quit again. Not sure if I'm subscribing again.