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....information on the last episodes of The Clone Wars has come in. Looks like the Sith origin world is NOT Korriban, but a world called Moriband. The descriptions are just like Korriban so it seems like an FU to fans, imo.
If you want some semi-spoliers on the descriptions of the episodes head here
You'll need to scroll down but it's all there.
Its entirely possible that Korriban and Moriband are the same planet, just with different names(for whatever reason).

However, after browsing the above mentioned website, it reminds me of another SW related website that existed around the time the Prequel Trilogy was being made. It was run by a guy with the handle "SuperShadow" and he came up with TONS of suppositions, theories, and fake information about the movies and other items Star Wars.

Take this current site with the proverbial "grain of salt".
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