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That's not 100% correct. BiS for a Juggernaut / Guardian DPS would be the two piece Marauder / Sentinel set bonus and the two piece Juggernaut / Guardian set bonus. Set bonuses are great but not always worth trading higher rated armorings for them. The Operative's 5 energy bonus isn't a huge deal as energy management isn't all that tough for the class in most specs.

As for the above, you need to get the crafted Varacity implants. The PvP ones have far worse mitigation stats. Of course the Oriconian commendations vendor ones are garbage. You need the Dread Forged pieces or Oriconian MK-2 pieces to get closer to BiS though as far as mitigation goes the Varacity ones are amazing.

For tanks gearing is more complicated as you can optimize differently for Dread Palace or Dread Fortress. You want closer to 800 Absorb if you can for DP and 1100 Defense for Dread Fortress. You can split between the two effectively, but it depends on your stat budget. Threads from Keyboard Ninja will tell you what you need in terms of stats. There are also a few online calculators etc. which work pretty well.

All commendations vendor gear has terrible enhancements. You can sometimes get a BiS power+alacrity, or crit surge or whatever but those aren't generally going to work but in small amounts for some classes. For everything else the commendations pieces (Black Market, Verpine, Oriconian) are all high endurance and low on power. Accuracy or surge rating or whatever will be right on the money but they trade power for endurance which isn't something you want on any class. You can at least get BiS mods for most classes excluding tanks. For tanks you can get the "B" mods which have slightly lower mitigation than Underworld/Verpine but they trade two points of mitigation for a crap ton of endurance. Which on a tank isn't so bad. Some tanks prefer B mods to unlettered mods for the added endurance, especially for 16 man operations but ordinarily BiS are unlettered mods. BiS mods have 62 Endurance, 69 Defense or Absorb and 82 mainstat for the base class. (Strength, Willpower or Aim.)

On the other hand for DPS classes sometimes Oriconian enhancements aren't always so bad. Ordinarily in 72's you'd need more accuracy enhancements to reach the target you should be aiming for. In Oriconian enhancements you can use less accuracy enhancements and pick up a higher surge rating. You have to parse it and play with the numbers but usually you end up with some of these enhancements at your disposal because you get enough commendations gear from trying to get armorings and mods.