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I would be interested in anything on Revan's history if there is more. Didnt see anything when I was trying to pick which one to read next.
I don't think there are any more novels that deal with Revan at all. The Knights of the Old Republic comic series does deal with his background a bit, though it's in the background of the main characters' story.

If you're interested in novels set around the Old Republic, Deceived, which takes place around the Sacking of Coruscant is pretty good. If you liked the Bane Trilogy you'll probably also like it since Darth Malgus is the main character (since the only issue with Deceived is that some people may not like a villain protagonist).

Annihilation, by Drew K., the author of Revan (and the lead writer on KOTOR) is also pretty good, it's set during the timeframe of the game (I believe right around the time of RotHC) and the main character, Theron Shan, is going to be appearing in the new story arc that starts with Patch 2.7.

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How are the Luke Skywalker stories? with his son and Leia/Han children?
I like the post-Return of the Jedi books a lot, although there are so many of them that there are definitely a few genuine stinkers (I'm looking at you Crystal Star). If you haven't already read the Heir to the Empire trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command, by Timothy Zahn), I would definitely suggest starting there. They are very accessible with only knowing the movies, they are widely considered some of the best written Star Wars novels, and they introduce several new characters, some of whom end up being almost as important to the rest of the Expanded Universe as the movie characters themselves. You just have to overlook a few timeline issues with regards to the Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire, since they were written before the Prequels came out.

There are a couple of novels that chronologically take place between RotJ and Heir to the Empire, I believe Truce at Bakura starts literally the day after the battle of Endor, so I guess that would be another decent jumping-on point for the era. For my money, Heir to the Empire is the better starting point, though.

Happy reading!
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