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Played both, as a Sentinel and a Shadow. It's mixed. The Knight I feel has the better companions in general- although my ideal mix would be T-7, Kira, Tharan, Scourge, and Nadia, to be honest, out of the Jedi companions.

Story and voice-acting-wise, I prefer the (female) Consular to the female Knight. The Consular story feels more involved, more intellectual- the Knight does great deeds, but is, essentially, Satele Shan's Weapon. No different to being Darth Baras' or the Emperor's enforcer on the Imperial equivalent, Satele is just nicer about it. The Consular's victory feels more her *own*, and like she's her own agent, rather than slotting into place in a legend. The voice acting has a wonderful air of intelligent snark to it- check out the Esseles run, if you don't want to go *too* far into a Consular to see what I mean, her "*I* make the decisions, not *you*, Ambassador" snarkdown to Asara at one point is wonderfully voiced, and her playful joking with Kilran later "If this is a bad time..." - when the Grand Moff is actually pleasantly surprised at the banter- shows just how much the accusations of "bland and non-emotional" are failing to look beyond the surface.

The Jedi Consular has a great *deal* of depth to her performance, she just doesn't feel the need to wear a big hat with "I am having an EMOTION" printed on it, each time she has one.
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