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If you're serious about this, I have no problem with you making it better. I don't see the use in THAT much detail, but if you want to spend the time doing it, that's your prerogative.

Ps. You're talking about levels and levels of scripts and coding in that Jedi Covenant thread, If you think what I did there was elaborate, you'll have fun with whatever you're doing to make it look like that. I popped that paragraph out in minutes, what you want to do will take hours. But have fun.
At this point the job is a simple copy/paste task and a few edits and clean up. The hard work is already done. As far as updating, that would depend on community participation. If records are trickling in only once or twice a week, then that's all the updating the thread would warrant at most. However if there was more participation, then that would actually make it worth the time to update between queue pops for a person capable of multitasking.

But by all means, keep this thread going. I asked for a solo kills section and you're considering adding it in. Mission Accomplished, as far as I'm concerned.
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