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First off thanks for doing this. I dont think I have posted in this thread yet, and was waiting to actually have a record on here before posting in it, but that will probably never happen.(though I was present in one of games where someone got a stupidly high amount of atleast I have that going for me.)

Mostly I just wanted to say thanks for doing this, and voice my support for the solo kills section. I have a screenshot somewhere of me getting 18 in a novarra, which i doubt Ill ever get close to again, and I might make the list, even if its only for a little while.

Also if someone else is going to take the reigns for this dont be that guy that does something like this and two weeks after its up forgets its even there. The one thing that makes this list so much better than the other servers is the regularity with which its been updated, and I couldnt care less about all the pretty colors, a hyperlinks if the data they link me to is outdated. So please if your going to do it, longevity is the way to go.
Thanks, I also find no need for pretty colors or hyperlinks, It hurts my eyes.
Also agree that If its not updated ill be pissed. Its not like I update it everyday, but at least it gets done regularly.
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