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03.14.2014 , 11:22 AM | #65
Yea, I like to whine a bit from time to time, but hey, aren't the forums meant for it? :P

Ok, maybe I wasn't clear enough, I understand importance of objectives, and I spent fair time capping cannons, interrupting pylon caps or making shooting goals as hard as possible, tbh HB is one of my favorite areas to fight, but it's simply irritating when you get random group where half of the people don't even know how to pass and you fight against a premade which shoots 6 goals in 4 mins, that's all. (Yes, I do realise that premade vs. randoms is always problematic, but in HB it's most visible.) And those are often premades, who loose other warzones badly.

I enjoy fighting other ppl more than running with ball, so when I get the ball, most times I just throw it to another ally asap, because otherwise I gonna get focused hard and not able to normally fight, especially with the lack of guarding/healing most random groups offer.

Best scenario of HB for me is about 3 goals for my team and a lot of fighting in between.
And I focus on getting as many kills as possible only when we're already loosing badly, otherwise I just try to do my job by being a pain in the enemy healers/rdps rear end and interrupting/speed buffing ball carriers, occassionally shoot a goal when I see a good occassion noone else is going to exploit.