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I'm thinking, do people really need another reason to death match and not worry about objectives? *Nope not doing anything but hunting down people for solo kills, gotta break that record.*
Which is why I want the general opinion.

Quite honestly though, it was too much of a hassle doing this thread, how it looks now. Updating it is easy, but why anyone would put that much work into it is beyond me. I did this one because I try to be a nice person (sometimes ), and Kewa wasn't updating his. This takes up valuable PvP time, and I think all of one person, in the entire time I've been updating this has been like "Hey thanks for this, I appreciate it." So If you want someone to remodel this like Jedi Covenant, you should probably make a new thread. Im not trying to sound *****y, and I understand where you're coming from, but I have more important things to do.
Well.... Thanks

I totally agree with this by the way, I see no reason for the good players who often carry teams to try and Kill whore, and make life worse for poor Sorcs/Snipers just trying to start some PVP
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