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That's quite an elaborate post you wrote just to say that you don't have time to make elaborate posts. TLDR version of that you could've just said, "too much work."

And to your point about objectives over deathmatching, there was a specific section dedicated to objective play. Maybe you didn't get that far. And speaking for myself, I don't do arenas because I main a sorc/sage and I enjoy the objective play over arenas far more and i play quite objectively. I just happen to get lots of solo kills because every Tom, Todd, Mark and bad smasher get that "squishy sage SMASH!!!11!!1!" tunnel vision. It's totally possible to excell at fighting and objective play at the same time.

Either way, it was just a suggestion. I'd take over and maintain a new thread, but I didn't wanna step on any toes.
If you're serious about this, I have no problem with you making it better. I don't see the use in THAT much detail, but if you want to spend the time doing it, that's your prerogative.

Ps. You're talking about levels and levels of scripts and coding in that Jedi Covenant thread, If you think what I did there was elaborate, you'll have fun with whatever you're doing to make it look like that. I popped that paragraph out in minutes, what you want to do will take hours. But have fun.
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