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All right, since my previous thread was close,

I've been having problems with my laptop for the past couple of days, and what I thought was originally problems with TOR actually ended up being problems with playing games on my notebook in general.

I keep it well ventilated with a deal that props it up and keeps it tilted. This prop also has two 120mm fans underneath it and I've never had a problem with playing games up until recently.

I've posted my dxdiag below


You may be thinking "He's got an old driver"

well yeah, and I've tried updating it with catalyst (after uninstalling both catalyst and my drivers several times in safe mode) but catalyst won't open because it always says the "host application" stops working. So I can't update my drivers. Again, this is with any game that I play. It will just completely shut itself down without any warning or reason.

I've played games that are more graphic heavy than TOR and have never had problems. I realize it isn't the game but rather it's on my end and after about a week of troubleshooting I'm ready to just reformat everything. Any help would be much appreciated.
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