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03.14.2014 , 06:43 AM | #94
They didn't just mess up the elegant loungewear bottoms, they messed up the all the dancer outfit bottoms, and the trooper boots as well all in the same patch. Which has made me not want to log in since it happened, because I spent hundreds of dollars in the cartel market collecting various outfits so I could make cool and unique combination outfits for all my characters. Just as I finally got all the pieces I wanted and had various cool looks for all my males and females, they screwed up the textures, and I feel like all that money and time has been wasted. Since all the combinations I like either have some sort of trooper boot and/or dancer bottom combo in them.

Now I know a lot of people just don't care about cosmetic stuff, but these cool characters are what have kept me wanting to play, since my main focus is playing through the cinematic storyline, and general immersion in the star wars universe. I can't very well pretend I'm really there when my characters have these weird graphical glitches pulling me back to reality.

I hope they fix it soon, they have already lost a lot of money I would have spent in the cartel market because I refuse to spend money on cosmetic stuff if they are just going to break it after I have bought it
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