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1. The plot twist wasn't that great and was completely foreseeable if you noticed they way they kept dropping his name in the loading screens. They did it a lot which was odd seeing as he was supposed to be dead, which brings us to number

2. You weren't fighting Revan, you were fighting against Malak.

The plot twist was epic. The accolades that game received is was epic due to it. I for one did not see a ton of loading screen's And when I saw about Revan on a loading screen, I knew it was due to Bastila. " That was your claim to fame " As I told her, And O how I never get tired of hearing how you killed Revan " ( Sarcasm. )
The story, on both imo kotor and kotor II are hard to beat; And they let you dig DEEP into them if you desire too.

The Story('s) Here on swtor are EPIC as well. I just have a problem, with conflicting story's and I am a guy that can understand a company wanting to steer away from something. But to use said something when one did not have to just to make something look bad is saddening.