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Impossible in the sense that it would require a drastic overhaul of what the game had also what makes you think everyone feels the same way you do in terms of skill? Your assuming everyone would like skill based combat and therein lies an issue because some people myself included do NOT like skill based combat only.
It really wouldn't be that big of an overhaul, no more so than they have already done with the first overhaul by adding modify-able armor. A lot of people forget that this game has already had one major gearing overhaul, but original pieces did not have slots for components, so in reality if those slots were filled by crafting mods instead of looted mods, and future operations/pvp were balanced for that it really would be almost literally no work. I would be one tier for everyone. So I guess if you don't like skill based combat you just want to stand in one spot hitting '1' repeatedly? Sounds exciting.

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Another thing I would like to point out is that for those raiders who work tirelessly to get through the hardest content and get rewarded with the best gear would feel marganilsed because their efforts would be invalidated because as you said "all gear would be equal"
I think that would be the initial reaction. However, if anything has been proven, shiny/flashy loot drives people in this game crazy, look at all the people who all the sudden are trying to get a 1500 rating for their rancors. I think if you make content challenging enough and provide enough of an intensive to go out and earn it, people will still put in the time.

And as I have already said, if i didn't have to grind all 8+ characters to 55, then to tiers of appropriate gear, you might find more people willing to participate and being social.

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Wait hold on, did you say min/maxing for personal gain? You saying it is a bad thing when a player wants to get optimal stats to maximize their DPS, heals or threat? You are right that MMO's can evolve but many of the aspects you referring to would better suited to a sandbox not a themepark. Another thing, I highly disagree with your assertion that the point of a MMO is to constantly change, as to me the point of a MMO is to invest time in a character and be social.
I do think making players level up, then gear up through 2-3 tiers of gear, and then min/max is wrong, yes. This game was developed to be played through on multiple characters and experience their story, adding another grind upon a grind upon a grind is wrong, I just want to play my characters and "be social" as you put it.

I think you've also taken my statement out of context and added your own spin. The point I was making was that these changes are not impossible, and the reason you design a game as an mmo is at it's very core to expand and grow it through new content and changes Your definition of investing time and being social easily fits to LOL or even online shooters, they don't change, they sometimes add content but not frequently. So yes the point of building an MMO is so that it can be expanded, it may not be why YOU play an MMO but that is the point.

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I am not sure if you are understanding this but you simply can't say that rewards for raiding need to be cosmetic that is a huge slap in the face to those who work hard to earn their way. Again because you do not take part in said content you don't actually get to say what the rewards should be.
To be brutally honest, neither do you. That being said this is my thread and just because you think it's a slap in the face it certainly wont stop endless amounts of raiders from going on in a few weeks to try and get a purely cosmetic item from NIM modes of DF/DP. Cosmetic isn't this big slap in the face, it's what 99% of this game is built on anyways.[/QUOTE]

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Edit: One final thing, you mentioned how content would be "balanced" to skill rather than gear. That to me feels like you want things dumbed down, It probably isn't but why do things need to be balanced? Some things you require to have more than just skill to complete.
No actually in fact I think this game should be much harder, I think if you could no longer rely on your gear to get you into 16-man raids just to coast by and complete achievements and you actually had to be skilled this game would be much better. I honestly am not shocked to hear someone advocate their pve gear being awesome and it should be all they need but that's also the reason I think many pve players really aren't that good at actually playing their class. To play a game, those who are skilled should be better rewarded than those who are not, and balancing future content with that in mind is where I think this game should go towards.