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03.13.2014 , 08:43 PM | #348

1. Male BH

2. Male Consular(Nolan ftw!)

3. Male Inq/Male Agent(can't decide and both sound awesome)


T-7 (I HATE the quests where you bash the beeping Astro droids-That's just sadistic!)
Mako(well ofc!)
Tyresius Lokai(he does sound like a Scoundrel-even more so than the player smuggler!)
Blizz(jawa ftw!)


Gree Robots! They've got to be the best NPC!

Hutts(especially Nem'ro :P). What?

Ughnaughts(spelling lol! They squeel lol!)

Jawas(bla-blabla-bla-yuuu xD)

The Keeper.

Lord Zash.


Male Smuggler(every time I hear him, he sounds like someone forced him to do the VA work. I am not impressed at all!)