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First of all that is exactly what I want to do with the guild system. I have a quote "helpers guild" we want to help new players and new 50-55's. See this link to see that idea in more detail: Guild GUI That will explain what I am saying further. I Like your idea just as much. That would really help when getting others into gearing at higher stages and learning the ropes at all stages. I love the idea. Let me know what you think of the Guild GUI.
And as a response to the thread I totally agree, I am likley to be the person who would get involved in that stuff. I would so enjoy getting that sort of aspect.
I really really love this idea it's just that the developers aren't that likely to add it. Small thing like this aren't that common in their mind. In their mind they want to satisfy the majority of players first. If a developer reads this thread I would like to say hello to you. I think you should take into consideration 2-5 additions from the little guys when you release your next expansion or major update.

Again great post Saito you have an amazing idea. Dont give up! People like you make the game fun!
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Thanks hehe...

You make me feel way too important with that post...

On topic: I still want something like this to be added to the game or at least a response from an actual dev to tell us with facts, what are their difficulties on adding something like this which I think would work excellent on a MMO, which are intended to build a social community among players.