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I am progressing through Chapter 1, and there are 3 things I do not like about the Consular class. I would have abandoned it if I did not play as a party.

1. The most important thing is that the actually very emotionally charged story is downplayed. Everyone is like:Oh, you are a tad pale.... no ability to show the angst, the crew railing around the PC in the awesome KOTOR2 style... just a touch peaky. Heck, even my Rajivari blade is called... a lightsaber. That was like the best part so far!

The Jedi Knight I am paired with gets heroic Whoo-HOOS!!! You ROCKSSSS! OUR HERO!!!! Every time he enters the story area. A Sage? Not so much (Well, good job. Do you want to lie down?). Also, a story is kind of easy to guess at the moment everyone starts telling you how Jedi Master #3 is soooo charismatic.

2. Voicing. Holy cow, can she sound a wee bit more trilling? There is no normal sounding women who do voice-acting who can sound sincere delivering the "I shall go on with the Sacrifices, Good Masters." dialogues? Argh. The texts are bland, can we at least have a better delivery? An alternative voice-pack? ANYTHING?

3. Qyzen. Gods, how can anyone possibly have conceived to stick any PC with Qyzen for the entire endless Taris with Bonus Series? Add a nice neutral companion on the Fleet?

Actually, four things!

4. Iresso? Really? With Tharan and Zenith coming on board earlier? You gotta be kidding me! Is it REALLY that hard to poll females in the community before picking the least interesting male as a RI? And a marriage material RI for a Consular for that matter? At the very least, an overlay where this old shoe soldier doesn't look a day over eighteen?