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03.13.2014 , 10:06 AM | #62
Yay! Another warzone where my sent can be raped by snipers... and where my force leap can bug and do high fall damage to me (which happens almost every time when i use it on person who was just pushed up in the air by the platform).

I hope at least that those magnetic grapple blaster tables will work better than the air-push up platforms (whatever they're called) in original HB and won't knock you into fire trap or acid just because it's so fun to have random deaths.

Let ppl choose what they queue for (this way you'll know what is really most popular and should be worked on) or at least show what wz poped in the join/decline window so i can leave it without having to wait for map to load.

Side note: at least the football teams who play PvP will now need to make new tactics and not just repeat the same old tricks (although some of them will probably work in the new area).

And yea, I like killng ppl in the HB area and I have scored a goal or two, but I don't like loosing just because the enemy team know how to play a ball and not how to fight, so match ends with 3 kills total. I always thought PvP was about fighting other players, looks like I was wrong...