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So here it is, for the first time in a VERY long time, I have 2 endgame characters (A Guardian and Sage). Now comes the part that has me baffled. Getting them all nice and geared.
Now from my post on my guild's website(Greater then signs abound):

69 non-set bonus armoring>66 non-set bonus armoring
69 set bonus armoring>72 elite comm armoring
72 set bonus armoring>78 ultimate comm armoring
75 set bonus armoring/mod>78 ultimate comm gear
78 set bonus armoring>all until april 8th, 2014

MK-2 Mods>MK-1 Mods in most cases
Mk-1 Enhancements~MK-2Enhancements variable by piece

Best pieces to downgrade for 2 piece set bonuses are gloves and boots as those affect your armoring less.

Sorcerer (Sage)DPS
2 piece Force-Master set bonus beneficial to performance(72set>78non)
4 piece highly beneficial but not essential(72set>78non)

Sorcerer (Sage) Heals
2 piece Force-Mystic set bonus essential to best performance(69set>78non)
4 piece not worth downgrading armoring(78set>78non)

Juggernaut (Guardian)Tank
2 piece War Leader set bonus worth 3 tier downgrade(69set>78non)
4 piece War Leader set bonus worth 2 tier downgrade (72set>78non)

Juggernaut (Guardian)DPS
2 piece Challenger set bonus in adaptive gear highly beneficial (69set>78non)
2 piece Vindicator set bonus useful (75set>78non)

A general rule in balancing power vs crit for dps ~300crit the rest power mods/enhancements

For the Sage DPS, Alacrity is a low priority but beneficial, Accuracy similarly, I believe you want a little accuracy (though it's not a must for sage) and most of the rest in surge, if the choice is between Willpower and Surge/Alacrity/Accuracy, always choose Willpower.

For any of the above except Tank, you should always augment Main-stat (Willpower for Sage, Strength for Guardian)

For the Sage Heals, Alacrity is highly beneficial, my personal preference is around 700 alacrity and the rest in surge, though most suggest 450 alacrity and the rest in surge.

Now the Guardian tank, which in all reality is the hardest to gear balance properly. Ideally none of your gear will have Accuracy or Alacrity, though they are useful to holding aggro, endgame your main priority is survival. I personally am still trying to properly balance my Juggernaut's mitigation stats as the balance effectively changes with each gear piece you acquire. Ideally, you'll want 4/5 pieces of your gear to be set-bonus (see above scaling) and that's the easy part, the hard part is balancing the modifications and enhancements along with your earpiece and implants. For me it's Oboran MK-1 War Leader's Earpiece, Oboron MK-2 Implants, 4 Mods with the highest defense available, the other 5 mods with the highest absorption available to you. All of your Enhancements will ideally have Shield Rating (understand you may have to get them off different pieces of gear than you put them on) and depending on your preference either absorption or defense rating. Ideally, I'd suggest about 850-1000 Defense rating (at the 78 tier) and the rest that it's a choice between absorb and defense in absorb.

Remember this, none of the gear was made for you to have the best piece by just getting each specific piece once. For example, only the 78 comm belt and wrists have defense rating mods of all the comm purchasable gear, this gear has 55 defense rating on the modification. Some of the 78 set-bonus(Dread-Forged) gear will have mods with 69 defense rating. Additionally some of the MK-2 gear will have mods with 69 as the mitigation stat and some will not. My ideal, all mitigation mods at 69 rating.

There is always a degree of variability on the benefits of one stat vs another on mods and enhancements based on your individual play style, so, what is above is advice not law, and should be tweaked slightly to the points that you see as benefiting you more.
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