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You are confused.

When Revan and Malak reintroduced themselves to the known Galaxy - not as saviours but rather conquerors - they were ALREADY using the Star Forge to fuel their war effort.

Revan had abandoned known space with only a handful of ships, in pursuit of whatever Mandalorians has fled the battle raging over the skies of Malachor V. When he returned, he was in command of a vast armada, not only a couple of ships.
While that is true, Alavastre has hit the nail on the head with at least why myself was so wanting more then a lowbie flashpoint, in regards to content for Revan, honestly, when I heard they where going to use Revan ( was not playing swtor at the time ) and we where going to have to fight him, my first reaction was laughing.

As for everyone saying he is 300 years old and is tortured ... I go back to Kreia

"Conflict strengthens us." 300 years of conflict. And he did not forget, there is/should be a anger in that one that should be felt like a beacon; The same as a wound can be felt but this should be so strong that the smallest force user should be able to fill it.

Again; Revan is power. No other shall come that is as strong as that one, we the player base fell in love with this person. And waited, for a long time. I myself spent hundreds of hours playing kotor/kotor II to the point of knowing every line by heart in both. ( Yes ever tree...)

: Sigh : Anyways.