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03.13.2014 , 12:35 AM | #4
First, its a four question app, I'm sorry that's a lot of work for you, but the site needs some kind of privacy. The is set up for PvP only. The feature that surpasses the capability of this forum, is I set up the event calendar. So instead of posting events in the forums and it getting lost amongst all the crying and complaining and PvE non sense. Anyone registered with the site can post and sign up for events. Also Ranked teams can post the days and a times they'll be on, so that other teams will know and Q up around the same time, unless you're afraid that if a decent team knew when yours was Q-ing, you would lose and damage your rep and rating?

Alls, I'm doing is trying to do something to help build up the community on this server. Its a pretty big comity, just everyone is OFP for the most part. I think have a website only for the PvP on harbinger will help that. Hate all you want, but I'm trying to do something about it, instead of qq-ing about the state of PvP and then going back to stomping PUGs. If you're afraid that there actually might be competition when you Q, then don't join I don't care. The only person who has something to lose from this attempt is me. Alls I'm asking anyone else to do, is spend 5 mins, you can do it in between Q pops, to fill out the 4 question app. Then it'll be approved with in 24 hours, most are getting approved in about 2, then post an event or two, or not. Either way if it fails it fails, and again, the only one who will have lost anything is me. The hard works been done already, so are you going to help and make PvP a better community on this server, or do you want to continue qq-ing and beat on PUGs because actually competition scares you.