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Hey now, Anakin faction changed twice, and he did an AC Change from Guardian to Sentinel while in combat! ( Haxx imo ).

This is a correct and very fair comparison.

Based on that price point, what would you consider a fair price for an AC Change? $30 / 3500 Cartel Coins ( which I believe is around 3.5 Million Credits ). That feature with one month cooldown would be very reasonable in my opinion.

My point is the fact they changed their stance a few times in beta, which means there isn't a massive technical hurdle to provide this feature. There are some technical challenges yes, but we addressed some of those in this thread.
As I have said before, I do not believe that ANY restrictions they place on class changing will make any difference. We already have a limit on the number of times you can change your class. That limit is zero, but look at this thread and the countless others clamoring for that restriction to be changed or lifted entirely.

If they put a one month cool down on them, the forums would simply have threads clamoring for the reduction of the cool down. If they charged $30, or even $40 or $60, the forums would be full of people crying for a reduction in price. If they limited it to a certain number of changes, the cries would be for that limit to be removed or changed, yet again.

If they gave an inch regarding class changes, it would never be enough, and people would demand a mile.