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novelists and directors come up with new stories to enjoy - that take a LOT less time to enjoy than leveling the same class - and movies and novels have an ending, while playing an MMO doesn't really, as you don't just abandon a character at 55, usually, you get them to 55 so that you could continue to play them at 55. but the comparison was NOT used to compare media, but rather illustrate the mindset of a person who doesn't enjoy repetitive stories.

last I checked its a game as well - its a hobby. and some people have limited time to enjoy their hobbies. and you are telling them basically, that they are SoL when it comes to this particular hobby, just because they made a choice before having all the information (how the class plays) and have to start over... and spend hours and hours and HOURS doing something unenjoyable, just to try the other AC. and this being a game and a hobby? WHY exactly AC is such serious business that it MUST be a permanent choice?

and there will always be people who complain. that's a fact of life. but those restrictions are a compromise between having NO option and having SOME option. but you'd rather have nothing that something in a middle, it seems.
Again, I point to WoW, as well as many other MMO's, in which your choose your class at CREATION. Do you get to change your class in WoW, GW2 or most other MMO's despite the fact that you make your class choice before you have all the information (how the class plays), or do you have to level a new character with the new class you want to play?