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Once you start down a path, forever will it control your destiny.
Hey now, Anakin faction changed twice, and he did an AC Change from Guardian to Sentinel while in combat! ( Haxx imo ).

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With a purchase of RotHC? No. You do not get a boost to 90 for purchasing any of the previous or even the current expansion in WoW. You only get the boost with purchase of the upcoming expansion.

Now if BW were to release a new expansion with a raised level cap and offered a free boost to 55 with the purchase of the NEW expansion, and offered boosts to 55 on the CM for 8000 coins (about $60), then tghat would be a fair comparison.
This is a correct and very fair comparison.

Based on that price point, what would you consider a fair price for an AC Change? $30 / 3500 Cartel Coins ( which I believe is around 3.5 Million Credits ). That feature with one month cooldown would be very reasonable in my opinion.

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If I recall correctly, even in BETA you could not initially change your AC, thus indicating that the original design (from the ground up) intent was for it to be permanent. They later made some statements that they would allow AC changes, but due to feedback on the forums and the results of polls conducted by BW, they decided to keep the AC's as a permanent decision. They also made many changes to the interface of the selection process and added multiple warnings from multiple NPC's that the choice was PERMANENT.
My point is the fact they changed their stance a few times in beta, which means there isn't a massive technical hurdle to provide this feature. There are some technical challenges yes, but we addressed some of those in this thread.