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OH NO, They nerfed my Operative/Scoundrel. what am I gonna do now, cry and complain?!? Oh wait I have like 10 other toons with different classes and buffs I can exploit until they get nerfed and move on to the next. Problem solved people. Some of you should quit crying and learn that you don't put work into just one class, but multiple.
Besides half of the people crying aren't even good at the class they're playing.
First off, this guy lol

Second, im glad youre not on the development team with this logic... Honestly i dont think the development team should all resign in leu of this upcomming change.

in their OP they said the reason theyre making the change is because of PvP. If these changes ONLY affected PvP i wouldnt say a word because PvP is nothing more than a MINI-GAME inside this MMORPG. But these affect both PvP and PvE there have been so many times where as an Operative Healer i spam Surgical probe on multiple targets (in the event of a cleave or AOE that hit the raid) reducing this to every 6 sec if i spam and the target im healing is under 30%.... thats not a good or smart change...

Starting with healing I can understand why this needed to be changed in PvP beacuse as an Operative healer with no PvP gear i can sit still and have 3 people beating on me and type in general chat, "hit me more snake" "hurt me more" (quoting grey fox from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) and I am able to keep myself alive for about 2 full minutes of them constantly attacking me. Not to mention i put stealthing out in my rotation just to get the extra 2 TA for the free heal along with using my WZ medpac( use it wait for the CD then stealth out use it again) now some of you might think this is stupid for me but I think of it as a great tactic... 3 people attacking me = only 5 possible attackers versus 7 of my team mates. So in PvP i can understand why Operative healers needed to be nerffed. because no 1 player should be able to hold off 3 DPS or 1 tank 1 dps 1 healer etc for 2 full minutes.

Moving on the Operative Dps.
I think this is complete and utter BS really... ever since launch Operatives have been getting the nerf stick and it isnt really fair honestly... I main as a sniper and I remember the days when i used to cringe at Operative DPS... Nowa days it kind of like that but i can kill the baddies, After this patch update no Operative is gonna beable to kill any character in a 1 v 1.

**on a side note**
Im pretty sure the reason theyre smacking Operatives with the nerf bat is because of the complainers about 1 v 1 fighting... though this update will not affect any Operative DPS under level 36 any one over that will feel the pain of "OMG what did they do to this class and why?" Operatives and assassin both are supposed to specialize in 1 v 1 combat. this nerf will destroy the class and will make that a 50/50 shot depending on who youre fighting... and im sure alot of you think this is fair but the 50/50 im reffering to is the baddies that dont know how to play. Any decent-good player will open up on an operative as soon as they unstealth to use their new "immobilization" (like i would) and kill them quick. OH back stab can be used in front of the target after a successful hidden strike? against a sniper heres whats going to happen... OP: Acid blade > hidden strike Sniper: cover pulse > EP > ambush > leg shot > corrosive dart > Entrench > corrosive grenade> debilitate > CULL > Operative is dead most likely or is now attempting to run away in leu of his mistake.

In PvE content with as many knockbacks and stuns that the NPCs use the stun taken out of hidden strike is just horrible... Im doing dailies and i pop out of stealth with that > immediate force choke. why? NPCs turn at 180 degrees on a DIME not like a mouse turner or keyboard turner where you see that and can still run circles around them nope youre fighting face to face the whole time so yeah we get the face to face back stab but at the cost of an immediate stun on us? or immediate knock back? an immediate root and RUN????? why?

getting back to PvP
this happens to me more often than not: Lightning sorc/madness hybrid.

I use Hidden strike get hit with bubble they run... not to 30m to start attacking they are GONE a full 100m across the map still have me targeted and just runs away... thats annoying but with my stun they only get to 100m since they stun me back...... THATS JUST WITH BUBBLE POP can you imagine whats gonna happen in 2.7???????? I come up on a merc/commando hidden immobilization > knockback > electro net > hydrolic overrides > GONE! at this point Bioware is encouraging the gorrila tactic versus operatives. As a sniper main who has every class at 55 and i play with all my characters I think this is a stupid change.
Solo capping nodes is what I do best... If you're solo defending, prepare to be stun locked and killed!
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