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WoW's Level 90 boost is also included with the purchase of their 6.0 expansion. I'll ask you a similar question - would you be comfortable with a free Level 50 ( previous level cap boost ) for everyone that purchases ROTHC?

As for Rift's soul system, is it very much comparable to Advanced Classes in SWTOR. You select your souls while leveling your class which provide access to the soul trees. These can be changed at anytime.

Let's imagine a world if Rift did not allow Soul swapping, and people requested it:

Using your logic:
  • You didn't level with the Shaman soul, so you won't know how to play it at cap.
  • Bladedancers are overpowered, everyone will FOTM to one if they allow soul swapping
  • I leveled two Clerics, if you want a Shaman soul, then level another Cleric.

Yet here we are, Soul Swapping exists, and does not ruin that game. Rift Souls and TOR Advanced Classes are very similar features. TOR is ( for now ) more restrictive. The developers should reevaluate this design decision, as myself and others feel it would be a great addition to the game.

To claim that this game was not designed around Advanced Class swapping is a false statement.

I recall in beta the developers changing their stance on it several times. Before release ( around Nov 2011 ) they indicated there would be an AC change feature with an increasing cost as your character gained levels. The last communication from the developers on this issue is that it would "likely happen".
With a purchase of RotHC? No. You do not get a boost to 90 for purchasing any of the previous or even the current expansion in WoW. You only get the boost with purchase of the upcoming expansion.

Now if BW were to release a new expansion with a raised level cap and offered a free boost to 55 with the purchase of the NEW expansion, and offered boosts to 55 on the CM for 8000 coins (about $60), then tghat would be a fair comparison.

If I recall correctly, even in BETA you could not initially change your AC, thus indicating that the original design (from the ground up) intent was for it to be permanent. They later made some statements that they would allow AC changes, but due to feedback on the forums and the results of polls conducted by BW, they decided to keep the AC's as a permanent decision. They also made many changes to the interface of the selection process and added multiple warnings from multiple NPC's that the choice was PERMANENT.

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