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I really enjoy your feedback guys, keet it going! My problem is that I want to belong somewhere - either the Jedi or the Sith. Jedi have the huge disadvantage to my by not being allowed to really rely on emotions, Sith's brutality and sadistic personalities are obnoxious as well ... What can you advise?
I feel like I would be the same person in the Star Wars Universe as I am in this universe. I think if you are good person in real life, you will not truly want to be a bad person in a different universe, unless you want us to imagine that we would have a different value system as well.

In real life, I have a service job like a lot of other people. In the Star Wars Universe, I would probably still be an ordinary worker. I can imagine myself working in a cantina as a mixologist, or maybe working as a manager in some kind of entertainment complex. If I was not in the service industry, I would like to work in a droid factory (just not the one on Balmorra!!!!) or in the Kuat Shipyards*

ConCube, if you're really looking for a sense of belonging you may be happiest seeking out people in the Star Wars Universe who are like you in real life. For example, if you're a musician on Earth, you should play music in the Star Wars Universe, too. If you're ambitious and entrepreneurial on Earth, then you'll probably start you own business in Star Wars. Another poster said she was a nurse in real life, and that she'd like to be a Jedi healer if she was a Star Wars character. She obviously cares a lot about people, so it's natural that she'd also care about others in the Star Wars Universe. Extraordinary people on Earth would probably be extraordinary people in another galaxy. Most of us would just be ordinary folks living our lives from day-to-day.

Now, let me tanswer your question another way. If I used my imagination to create a Star Wars character that was completely different than me, and had a different value system, I would be a Dark Jedi. For example, has anybody watched "Versus: The Way to Shadow" ( I think I would be a character like Darius: not an evil person, but one who is very powerful with the Force, and is able to tap into both the Light and Dark sides. I would not want to be as tormented as the character in the film. I would want to be more at ease with myself and what I was doing. But I would not want to serve the Republic or the Sith Empire. I would probably find my own "Kaliyo" and travel the galaxy. I would hire myself out as some kind of Dark Jedi bounty hunter/private investigator, and make a living that way. I would be like "Jim Rockford," only I'd have a starship instead of a trailer, and I'd carry a saber and be able to use the Force. And I'd have a Rattataki girlfriend. But Mike Post would still write my theme song.

* Come to think of it, they're (we're?) fighting in the Kuat Shipyards, now, too!