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I agree that BW follows WoW way too much on certain aspects.
yes. its good at launch and a while, but they need to change from wow format fast.

even wow itself is changing. they nerfed talent trees to oblivion (too simple trees now - or they may even have removed them totally), simplified a lot of other things.

reason was simple. only 4 to 6 percent of players were actually seeing endgame content. 90%+ did not. they made raids much more accessible in wrath of the lich king for that reason.

but it seems, even that wasnt enough, so they simplified the game even more after cataclysm.

really. the percentage of gamers who are perceiving going through 4 hour key spamming by rendezvousing with 19 other people for 1% drop loot is negligible compared to the gaming masses today. due to the increased accessibility of computer hardware and consumerization of gaming.

they should veer away from wow format fast, and implement their own thing.