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This has been since launch I believe. At least for the last year. Uh.. yeah, it's not getting fixed. Enjoy. Sorry to be so nasty about it, but I too am tired of all the texture errors.
Yeah, this is one of those bugs that have been around so long, it is now considered a feature. Enjoy.
I know when I gear my companions, I avoid using dye or color matching. As I know companion conversations are going to be messed up by gear distractions. I know, OCD in action. This is plainly an example of a prominent and complete lack of attention to DETAIL, that is persistent through-out this game. Just another papercut and a perfect signature of Biowares development priority. That priority is the Cartel Market.

The community has declared shenanigans on the slot machine nerf.
Do you accept these charges of shenanigans?