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I think there are people that play this that have never played kotor / kotor II but ill work with you here, this is not the first time Revan has had to fight some really B.A. people. The whole point whith Revan and not understanding why he was used and made to look so weak is due to just how well of a game bioware and Obsidian made kotor and kotor II If you haven't played it before you should go pick a copy up. They both are works of art. Again, the point of my wth moment is why use him a flagship name if not to make him as Bad Arse as you can. Now I get that most of you guys don't want to fill weak. But the truth is,

You guys be cool.
Yeah, but still, he is
Who you played in KotOR was Revan at his prime. The man you meet in-game is a man long past his prime.
And the people fighting him are the 4 of the most powerful people of their time.

Yes, Revan was powerful in his day, but he could not win against the combined might of four of the galaxies most powerful people working together against him.

Really, the only people more powerful than these 4 are (not counting the 4 republic characters) the Emperor himself and some (not all) of the dark council/jedi council members.

Put it this way. Could Mike Tyson beat Muhammed Ali at his prime?
Maby not.
Could he beat him now?
Well... yeah. (even if he didn't have Parkinsons)
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