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03.12.2014 , 06:21 AM | #18
Trevor Philips casually killing Johnny Klebitz in a cutscene was a much, much worse way to treat a former player character than anything that happened to Revan, in my opinion.

Man, that was rough. Revan? Who cares? He can always come back. Probably will.

Thinking about it though, which would have been worse? Having Revan as a story character you get to kill (er, defeat I mean) as we have now, having him as a boring NPC who dishes out quests, or not having him in the game at all? Hard to say, but whichever they had picked some people wouldn't have liked it. He could have been an operations boss if you feel he shouldn't be beaten by "lowbies", but then the more casual players would probably get the hump because they might never get to see him, and knowing he was there somewhere in the game would only make it worse for them.

So, I'm altogether unsure what would have been the best way to handle him. I lean towards not having him in the game at all, myself - beyond lore references, the Revanite quest line and so on. As someone who doesn't particularly care about Revan I wouldn't be bothered by his absence, and people who are really attached to the lore wouldn't be upset that it was being shat on. But then I suppose we would just get tons of "WHERE THE HELL IS REVAN?" threads instead. Truly a job to know what to do here.