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Why cant, we have hk-47 instead of hk-51 as a companion, and why was Revan made to look so weak? Two major players, from the Kotor games, that I think everyone loved just became bantha fodder, And on the note of Revan, He should be the strongest Sith/Jedi the galaxy has ever seen, if not from power of light and dark side of the force, his command to his troops from the past, and his ability to lead, the fact that the General from Kotor II would follow him into death, along with mandalore and HK-47 say's a'lot. I wont even go into Kreia, Which I think is in game, but have not gotten to her.

I must, ask. Are there any plans ( more plan's ) for HK-47 and Revan. And maybe perhaps Kreia? If nothing else has Kotor III been thought about to be made?

And why would the emperor want to keep Revan so much, if he is only a lowbie to put down in a lowbie flashpoint...

Ack, sorry, I just really dont like this part of the lore here. And am trying to understand it, and really hoping the force uses Revan more in swtor, as we have unfinished biz. with him.

Someone please tell me that he is in more then this lowbie flashpoint and that he does not become 100% dead...
Nvm. (I read the above the post)
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