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03.12.2014 , 04:10 AM | #226
Interesting Changes... (yes, everyone hates a nerf...)

Ok, not convinced that long(er) strong(er) cooldowns are a great idea, but hey - there are other classes and if mine (juggs) is to be the one with the long cooldowns, I'll see how this plays out. Smash requiring a target will just make me not use it for uncloaking stealthies... so... hm... whatever. I point to relocate in vengeance tree and two in rage will be not "95% useless and just to get to Brutality" but "100% useless". Meh.

While I hate the operatives and their pesky "BÄM! ON YOUR FACE! aaaaahhh.... he got back up!!! *hide*" thing... I do believe that removing the stun is... bad. Because it was a defining thing in an encounter with an operative. Absolutely Iconic and "no-doubt-what-just-hit-me". Another root... meh... ok? Well, things change, classes change and as long as there is no "every class should do everything equally"-mindset it's ok.

So I'll just wait and see and hope for the best and go like "Ok, so they are not willingly breaking their game and they probably still have a vision for how what class is supposed to be and become... and maybe... just maybe... they are right when they nerf mine." *shrugs* I hate it. It's frustrating. BUT maybe it's even worse at it is right now... for others.

But I guess there is a lot of this mentality around (not just in this game, every single MMO):
Darth Zerger: "WTH! HEAL ME FFS!!! Supid l2p tards!"
Healbabe: "I would if you'd focus on keeping me in a position to do so and not fight 3 dd and a tank while at the same time healing you backpaddeling away from a sniper."
Darth Zerger: "l2p noob! And the devs and nerf <hiseliteclass>! They know nothing about this game - just like you lowbob!!!" (okok, he'd probably not use quite the complex wording like that and a lot more symbols.)
Healbabe: "..."
Darth Zerger: *starts hitting the sent who stands at 75% hp right next to 'some-weird-guy-with-a-green-thingy-symbol-on-his-head' and hopes for pro-healerz realizing his superi0r importance*

I think it's interesting that the changes do not seem to aim into "everything the same" direction, no matter how many shout "all other classes have X - We need X-like!". Think big picture: If that would be done, we'd end up with another WoW with minimal class differences.

Lets take the jugg. Everyone agrees that the mara has stronger defensive cooldowns. Yes, a drop-target-cooldown is VERY VERY strong. But also everyone would agree that the juggs control over the enemy is much better. So in order to survive you might just be a lot more on your toes and try to make the battle go the way you want it to? Maybe not just Charge in and beat it until it or you stop moving? Charge in, Jump back out... to your healing-buddy... Chock the fool that comes after you and let your mates whack him? I kind of like the fact that you CAN'T you simple CAN NOT play the Vengeance Juggernaught like a Carnage Marauder. No. I LOVE it! And the devs seem to be unwilling to move it closer to the same. good. GOOOOOOOD. *smiles*

Embrace the changes my friends (and trolls - weird, I thought everyone loves juggs)! Remember: If you don't smashbomb, the others don't do it either. And being weak on the AE-Defense... that might just be a good thing overall.