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03.12.2014 , 02:17 AM | #225
After 2.5 years , the devs make scoundrel/operatives complete useless. Why don't just delete this class bioware? I really tired of that ..2.7 will be critical to many players.And reason? because some bad's who can't do dps even in dummy ,or bad sages who don't even armor themselves, complain 'we take a lot of damage from smasher's and stealths' and the same ppl come in wz's or even ranked arenas with pve gear!
Crybabies you listen ,then crybabies you will get.
Do you have memory to all of you dev's what mass exodus bring the 1.2 update? Or you all already forget that?
We are very few old players who still playing from early access here. And you know why? Because a large number of them left when open world pvp and ranked warzones removed! Entire guilds. Guilds who recruit people who care for serious pvp and YOU dev's betray them!And most of this people had pre-order the game! And not free but with a LOT of money than this game deserves! Let me remind you YOUR prices
collector's edition---> 120e+
DDE----> 76e
Standard edition----> 54e
Do you think after all you have done to pvp part of the game many of us we will continue to sub? I don't think so........