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03.11.2014 , 07:42 PM | #5
Obvious troll is obvious.

You get Bonus XP for almost everything such as:
  • Being in a guild
  • Boost items
  • Double XP weekends (which also stack with boost items)
  • Doing things in groups

Thankfully, even if this is a real complaint, it's one of the first I've seen complaining that leveling is too slow. There have been many posts asking for slower leveling and a way to turn off XP gain altogether.

Just wait for the instant-55-IWIN Cartel Item coming up soon but, dang, you're probably too impatient for that also. Oh well, go play something else then if this isn't your scene.

PS - Since you also rarely play at all I'd rather you not even get to 55 cuz you'll have no idea what to even do if you haven't been, you know, playing and learning as you go. Worst thing in the world for any game would be to have someone go from level 1-MAX in 3 days with no idea how to actually play.
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